Sunday, 6 October 2013

We were designed to be creative

Welcome to my new blog called Blossom, Birds and Butterflies. The following posts aim to provide creative inspiration to readers who enjoy paper crafts. For those of you who claim not to be creative, I hope this blog will show you that anyone can create and it can be simple, fun and extremely fulfilling. The title reflects the subjects that particularly inspire my creations. However, creativity isn't restricted and there is no end to the beautiful things that can motivate the creative mind into dreaming up and fashioning radiant works of art. I struggled to find a quote that sums up how I feel we should approach creativity, so I here are my own thoughts, which are based around my Christian beliefs:

"We are all creations made in God's image. In this busy world we can often find ourselves too busy to be creative and many people even feel that stopping still to create it is a decadent use of precious time. However, when we create, we reflect something of God and take one step into becoming what he made us to be. Creativity can be an act of worship and God delights in our creativity."

Happy creating!